Understanding the Digital Generation

Pamela Lloyd
GCI SchoolAccess

“Thought-provoking … this book offers concrete ideas for educators to find the balance between our past and our students’ future.”

James Cisek

“After reading this, I am certain you will have a clearer understanding of this digital generation and why our classrooms continue to teach analog students in a digital world.”

Donna Walker Tileston
Author of "What Every Teacher Should Know"

“The authors have broken new ground … this group has laid important groundwork for lifting our thinking into the 21st Century.”

Doug Johnson
Mankato School District
Director of Media and Technology

” A highly readable, terribly important summary of the attributes of today’s technologically enhanced children … get this book and read it.”


New Students. New Possibilities.

In the digital age, educators face a new kind of student unlike any generation before them. They’re the digital generation, and you can discover them in the book Understanding the Digital Generation.

This book examines the effects that the bombardment of electronic media has on children in the new digital landscape, and considers the profound implications this holds for the future of education. What does neuro-scientific and psychological research tell us about the role of intense and frequent experiences on the brain, particularly the young and impressionable brain?

Discover the unique and challenging learner that is today’s digital native and how to connect with them in modern classrooms. Click below to purchase your copy of Understanding the Digital Generation.