Mindful Assessment

James A. Bellanca
Illinois Consortium for 21st Century Schools

“The authors have provided a much needed guidebook for assessing some of the most important fluencies that lead to deeper learning.”

Dr. Therese Keane
Swinburne University
Senior Lecturer in Education

“The crucial new skills and mindsets that learners need to flourish in 21st century life are clearly explained … this book will inspire and challenge teachers.”

Dr. Guy G. Tétrault
Sun West School Division
Director of Education/CEO

“A must-read for educators changing their pedagogy to fit 21st-century learning!”

Todd Stanley
Pickerington Local Schools
Gifted Services Coordinator

“Crockett and Churches break down the four walls of the traditional schoolhouse … they show step by step how to create lifelong learners.”


It’s All in the Mind.

Mindful Assessment is about rethinking how we assess the crucial skillsawards-MA-book learners need to succeed now and in the future. It encourages us to shift our focus as educators to mindfulness and feedback for improvement, and on framing assessment around what helps our learners become problem solvers, collaborators, and independent creative thinkers.

Authors Lee Watanabe-Crockett and Andrew Churches provide solid professional guidance on how K–12 teachers and administrators can develop respectful and responsible learners equipped with the skills necessary for living in an interconnected world.

Join the thousands of educators who are making the shift to rethinking assessment all across the globe. Click below to purchase your copy of Mindful Assessment.