Future-Focused Learning

Future-Focused Learning introduces 10 core shifts of practice alongside smaller actionable steps that will take the great work teachers are already doing and make it exceptional. Shift instruction to focus on student-centred learning competencies to support critical thinking and digital skills

Growing Global Digital Citizens

A Global Digital Citizen practices leadership, ethics, global awareness, and personal responsibility. There’s no better place to begin nurturing these values within our children than today’s classroom. This is the book that will show you how to do it right.

Mindful Assessment

What is “mindful assessment” and how is it unique among other forms of learning assessments? Why is it so special and valuable to our students? Most of all, how do we make it happen in our teaching? Meet your new field guide for success.

Literacy is Not Enough

To be competent and capable in the 21st century requires a completely different set of skills called the Essential Fluencies. This book presents their processes in detail to every educator as teachable skills they can impart easily impart to their learners.

Living on the Future Edge

In this book, the authors put a spotlight on six powerfully transformative trends in technological development that we can’t ignore, and what they mean for students, teachers, and the whole of education in what is truly an exponential future.

Understanding the Digital Generation

Today’s classrooms are populated with a new kind of student—they’re the digital generation, unlike any student before them. Learn all the ways they’re different and why, and how you as a teacher can connect with them for offering their best learning experiences.