So provocative and such passion. Lee created the tingling of the bottom of my heart – the Buddhist analogy – this is what makes me reawaken why it is that I am in education. I will be getting my hands on the solution fluency documents.

Very powerful opening! Connected me to the Big Picture – the Why! Would like to encourage our west Gippsland network to investigate for future conference! Thank you for waking me up in our hectic world!

Fantastic! It definitely opened my eyes and heart tothee problems facing the world. I cannot wait to investigate solutions fluency and lead the change in our small rural school. You did exactly what you were advocating. That is getting us connected so that we can take action and be active, global citizens.

I’ve always tried to keep up with my professional reading, even after 34 years of teaching, and I’m now very keen to read more about the solution fluencies and how I can use them effectively in my teaching and then bring on board other staff.

Wow! Very inspiring to not only be a better teacher but a more aware person in my community and the world. Feeling like I can do something to change the world! Thank you!

I often sleep with my eyes open in Presentations. This one had me kind of wanting to call out the parts of my life as a teacher which are right there in that vision of inspired kids naturally solving big problems with joyful ease. Congratulations on your great work.

Inspiring. Loved that you made us uncomfortable to engage us then your stories of schools used the same technique to engage the kids.

Lee Watanabe-Crockett

Lee is an optimist. He believes in a bright future and our ability to build it together through connection and compassion.

Lee Watanabe-Crockett works with governments, education systems, international agencies and corporations to help people and organisations connect to their highest purpose and realise their wish for the future.

Lee believes in creating balance in the reality of a digital present and future. As such, living in Japan, he studies Aikido, Buddhism, and the Shakuhachi, a traditional Japanese bamboo flute.

Joyful curiosity is the foundation of his approach to creating vital learning environments for groups around the world.

His several best-selling books including Literacy is not Enough, Growing Global Digital Citizens, and Mindful Assessment, have garnered many awards and are used in schools and universities around the world.