Self-love and life hacks are destroying everything around you

By turning in on ourselves we’re ignoring everything around us – and before you say it, clicking and sharing things on social media is not engaging with the wider world. It’s merely a skewed form of self-grooming in which an already captive audience applaud your ability to show them things they approve of.

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This article is not an easy read, it’s quite confronting, but the message is excellent. A fundamental principle on which my studies are based is the focus on creating a bright future for all beings. I remember clearly when training Nembutsu, (Buddhist chanting), one of the other students asked the question, “What do I get out of Nembutsu?” The sensei responded, “You get nothing from it.” He paused for a moment while we, in shock, thought about what the meaning could be. He then said, “We don’t practice Nembutsu for ourselves, we do it for the world.”

Paradoxically, since we, in fact, are part of the world, we really are doing it for ourselves too. Here is the ego trap. The moment we realize ourselves as part of the whole our ego is involved. We then clear our mind, focus on others and start again—until our ego once again comes up and the whole process repeats. The “selfie” may be the ultimate statement of ego. Now our memories are not of what we see, but of ourselves, blocking out what we see. The focus is not the world, it is ourselves. We don’t need more “I” in this life, we need more “us,” and even more “them.”


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