Keio University – A Lesson in Media Fluency

This video was put together for Keio University in Tokyo, part of their campaign called Shaping History, Shaping Tomorrow.

There is so much to see and do in Tokyo, and in Japan. In this video, you see so much of the possibilities. Anyone who has been there, will really identify with some of the clips in this video. More interesting is the way they have chosen to market the University. It is supposed to be an experience beyond simple memorization of facts. Education has to be something more, an experience. They really do a great job of selling the experience outside of the classroom.

After watching this video, I want to go to university there!

In our book Literacy is Not Enough, Media Fluency is a key focus. Choosing the right medium to communicate your message, and being able to communicate not just with text, but in multiple multimedia formats. The attributes include form, flow, at alignment with your audience. It never ceases to amaze me how much can be said without any words, and how a message can transcend cultures with rich visuals and excellent flow. Enjoy!



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