Five Minute Mindfulness

The Dalai Lama – who’s busier than you or I – finds time to meditate. Apparently he sits for two hours every day, unless he is really busy – when he sits for FOUR hours. But where are we, less enlightened mortals, supposed to find the time when are days are full of stuff that’s clamouring for our attention?

One answer is – in the gaps. If you looked at your working day the way an astrophysicist looks at the universe, you’d see mostly – space. Space between the meetings, between the calls, between the To-Do’s, between the sentences, words and thoughts.

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In Japan, before we eat every meal we say Itadakimasu, then pause for a few moments before we eat. It is tough to translate, in some ways, it’s like saying grace. It is a moment of contemplation and appreciation for everyone and everything which made the privilege of having the meal possible. It’s just a few moments but it transforms the meal.
What I love about this article is the suggestions of all the places that we can find five minutes a day for mindfulness. Little places like the pause between picking up the phone and dialling, or between picking up your fork and eating. Next time you have a meal, pause for a moment of joyful mindfulness.


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