Designing Products That Change the World

Have you ever noticed that the people who are most successful were never seeking or focused on success? We decide who we get to be and what we get to do. When our focus is on revenue, bottom-line, and market-share, we are limited in our potential. When our wish is to do for others, great things happen. While some can be successful, at least in the short-term, greatness only comes when are truly in a giving-heart state.

Krista Donaldson uses design to fight jaundice, create prosthetic limbs, and solve some of the developing world’s most vexing problems. This is why we selected Donaldson as our 2014 ALVA Award winner, a special prize presented by Behance in partnership with GE to recognize remarkable serial inventors.

In this 99U talk, she offers a peek into her team’s design process for getting complicated medical treatments to all corners of the world for a price anyone can afford. Chief among her advice? Talk to your customers. Then talk to them again. And use all that feedback to iterate and, when needed, drastically shift your design process. “We want closure on our projects…but people and society and technologies change. You want to be okay with the ambiguity.”


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