Growing Global Digital Citizens

Simon Vaughan
Melrose High School, Australia

“Lee Crockett and Andrew Churches provide a road map for school communities to help students commit to global digital citizenship. This is a must-read for the modern school principal.”

Craig Cantlie
Caulfeild Elementary School (iDEC)

“Throughout this book, Lee and Andrew provide the why and how for schools, teachers, and parents to foster positive digital thinking in our students.”

Marcus Knill
Department of Education and Child Development, Australia
Principal Consultant

“This book provides a user-friendly framework for teachers and school leaders to work collaboratively with students and their community to enhance learning as global digital citizens.”

Jacqui Murray

“This is a comprehensive and fresh approach to incorporating digital devices and the Internet into the global learning environment. It should be part of every teacher’s library.”


Plant the Seeds of Greatness.

Lee Watanabe-Crockett and Andrew Churches explore how to transform education in their best-selling book Growing Global Digital Citizens. Embraced by thousands of schools, Global Digital Citizenship empowers learners to effectively and ethically participate in and contribute to the digital world around them.

The authors provide a clear path for establishing just such a program in your school, with professional guidance on how K–12 teachers and administrators can develop respectful and responsible learners equipped with the skills necessary for living in an interconnected world.

Join the thousands of global educators who are bringing Global Digital Citizenship to their classrooms and schools. Click below to purchase your copy of Growing Global Digital Citizens.