A Powerful Way To Beat Addiction

A recent study in Drug and Alcohol Dependence shows the efficacy of mindfulness meditation in overcoming addiction through emotional regulation.

Sourced through Scoop.it from: bigthink.com

“There is no silver bullet for addiction recovery, and each person’s threshold is different. Defining personal boundaries is no easy task. We often overshoot what we can actually handle. This makes mindfulness an even more valuable tool for pattern recognition, regardless of whether you’re addicted to anything.”

This quote from the article got my attention. Mediation is not about emptying your mind and thinking of nothing—that’s crazy! How do you think of nothing? It’s more about not making one thought or image the priority, allowing it to squelch everything else, but allowing everything to be possible. When there are unlimited possibilities, the ego is calm, and we can see clearly. The possibilities are actually infinite, and from this space, we can identify the patterns of our thinking and not be a victim of them.


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